Photography and post processing occupy a significant part of my time.  While I have always had a camera near at hand it wasn’t until I retired from my day job that I really had the time to do it justice.  For nearly 20-years my wife and I traveled the world and photography was my underlying motivation.  Now, however, that phase of our lives is waning, and in these days of Coronavirus not even an option.  Now I spend the bulk of my photography time in my home studio remastering old favorites and compositing to create entirely new material.  I look forward to getting back out with my cameras but in the meantime the creative process doesn’t have to stop.

My photography has to a large extent been driven by my world view.  I am not an environmental activist but I am definitely concerned about the poor stewardship we humans have exercised over our natural world.  I have for the most part (at least in landscape and wildlife photography) sought subject matter unspoiled by human impact.  That necessarily led me to remote areas, e.g., Alaska, to find pristine scenes and wildlife.  Unfortunately that is becoming more and more difficult to find.  Sadly even 20-miles from the nearest road I have come across evidence of egregious human behavior, virtual garbage dumps that defile the environment and wildlife habitat.  I might have used photography to document the despoiling of our environment but chose rather to celebrate what beauty there is.  To be sure there is beauty to be found, but I can't help thinking what might be.

My photographic style continues to evolve and is one reason why I need to update this website.  Instead of just editing what comes out of the camera I now do a lot of compositing to create unique pieces of art.  I still like the work I've posted to this site, and it still largely defines my style, however, progress doesn't stand still.  I have come to a fork in the road and I'm going to take it.