birthday text(non-registered)
birthday text Terrific Webpage, Carry on the very good job. thnx.
Superb Site, Stick to the great job. thnx! cv
Ray Andrews(non-registered)
Good job Dave. The Victoria Falls pictures looked very difficult to do. I imagine the lighting can be really hard. Loved the Africa wildlife section. Did you use the 18-300 lense for that? If so, then I need to get one of those. Giraffes were especially good. But you know which section I really love? This may surprise you. I really like your Sierra Color pictures. Maybe it's because I was just in Colorado in the fall but I just love fall colors. Anyway, good stuff. Keep going as I know you will.
John Egan(non-registered)
Great chatting to you in Sintra. WiFi is a bit iffy here in San Sebastián so I'm finding it a bit hard to view things properly!!
We must keep in touch.

John Egan Australia
I have always noticed that, the photographs done in monochrome have always a special beauty than the colored one. Maybe it’s because of the high depth of detail these photos has. And they don’t need to be edited or color corrected.
Linda DaValle(non-registered)
Your work is amazing. The Holy Land and Yosemite pictures are two of my favorites. You have a wonderful eye for lighting and composition. And a gift for capturing magical moments! Thanks for sharing.
The Hawaii portfolio is great. I'm ready to give you my order
I like the Holy land photos...but I think I need one of your old fashion slide shows with narration. There is way too much history that I do not know.
Ryan Andrews(non-registered)
I've always enjoyed nature photography over cityscapes.....but your work in San Francisco is awesome! You've got quite an eye!
Ryan Andrews(non-registered)
The Hawaii photos look awesome! Keep them coming......then I'll get my order ready.
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